A gritty


fusion of


music, in a


retro style.

Jason is a storyteller and has a great story to tell. Check out his latest single ‘Letter’ released 31st January 2023.

Introducing ‘Letter’, the latest release from talented singer-songwriter, Jason Callear. After giving his fans the power to choose his next release from a trio of standout tracks, overwhelmingly, they voted for this one. This emotive and relatable track explores the complexities of relationships. With powerful lyrics, it encourages listeners to find the courage and write their truth, with a melody that lingers in mind long after the last note.

California Girl - Jason Callear

A little something fresh with a vintage edge, from driving tunes to chilled ballads amidst dynamic proportion.

A solo recording artist for 10 years, with lots in store for listeners…


great music.

Jason’s unique sound captures the hearts of listeners from all around the world.

Released November 2022, Fortunate Sons achieved widespread recognition, with over 20,000 Spotify streams and reaching the number one spot in the country music charts.

Jason’s versatility doesn’t stop there. ‘Brother’ is a hauntingly beautiful song that takes us back in time to the American Civil War with lyrics inspired by two brothers who meet on the battlefield over music that plays out the drama.