Born 25th January 1972. Newcastle Under Lyme. North Staffordshire.

Jason picked up his first guitar in 1978 at the age of 6. No sooner had he learned to play, he started writing and became obsessed with forming bands very quickly. His first band in Modem in 1981 consisted of guys in the street with mediocre and improvised instruments. Eventually by 1987, now a quite accomplished Guitar player, formed his first real garage band Millennium.
Jason Switched to percussion for the best parts of 20 years, still a large writing force in all his projects and solo recording. In 2008 Jason recorded his first real solo project, playing all instruments ‘Four Long Days’, a mix of covers and original tracks and netted a slot at What Fest in Northwich. This rekindled his enthusiasm and followed up with another 4 tracks, imaginatively entitled ‘Four More Days’ the following year.
2011 he began writing and recording 4 more songs for a new EP.
Jason was introduced to Assorted Records by former pupil, fellow musician and Inspire Music Producer Matt Bishop of Honey Ryder.
By September 2012, the EP ‘XXXIX’ (Thirty Nine) was released.
The EP promotion aired, amongst others at The Acoustic Festival of Britain.

A mammoth task ensued penning the 16 track album Contrast, some of which had been hanging around for a few years but ended up taking 2 full years to complete from 2014 to its release in October 2016.
The Album was a mix of influences and mostly constructed from many smaller ideas. It was almost called Nuggets for that reason! Still driven acoustic but with classic organ and synth, electric over dubs and many layers of carefully crafted backing vocals. It’s definitely for the mature ear and harks back to some classic Rock / Blues and prog from the late 60’s early 70’s.

For 2017 there’s a new theme, a little more stripped back again and a nod to Americana. Jason is now collaborating again with some old pals and some new faces, looking towards a fresh new set of songs in due course.

Check out the 2 full band tracks in the video’s.

More to come……..